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It is a pleasure to work with Dominique. The positive impact of her advice was quite immediate. 

She helped me to take a creative yet systematic approach to organizing our home.  My initial objectives were to find better ways to store things (kids’ toys for example) to make it easier to keep our house tidy and organized; and to create an office space for my husband. 

We did achieve these objectives, but the unexpected and very valued improvement was to change behavior by changing the way things were stored. 

The way she helped me reorganize the children’s toys has made it easier for them to find and take their toys and arts and crafts supplies so that they are more autonomous and creative in their play.  It is also easier for them to put away the toys and supplies they have used. 

Dominique also suggested to create dedicated shelf space in the living room for childrens’ books in addition to the shelves in their room.  My children now spontaneously take books and read on the couch. 

The approach Dominique shared for these projects is enabling me to apply this same approach to other projects in our house and make progress and see results with more ease than before.

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